Fix Your M50 Headphones

HingeFix for Audio Technica M50 headphones is the faster, easier, and cheaper way to get the sound back in your ears so you won’t have to break up with your broken M50s.

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The problem...

We love our M50 headphones, but they have one major design flaw - the hinges. Over time, a part in the hinge breaks and prohibits the ear cup from hugging your ear.

This effects all versions of the M50: original ATH-M50 headphones with the attached cable, ATH-M50x with the interchangeable cable, and the new ATH-M50xBT Bluetooth headphones.

That's why we made HingeFix.

The (Best) Solution

HingeFix is a simple repair kit that replaces the broken tab with a bracket that won’t wear out, so you can love your headphones longer.

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How to buy

Hinge Fix is available in a kit and 3D printable files. If you have access to a 3Dprinter, buying the files is a great way to save on shipping.